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Sport Specific Board Positions

GDASA's needs your help.  We are in need of Golf and Softball Directors and Open Members for the 2021 seasons.  Help us make GDASA one of the best LGBTQ+ organizations in Colorado.  Below is a description of the positions. 

If you are interested or if you have questions about the positions please email Keenan at or DM us on our social platforms.

Duties of Co‐Directors (Sport Specific Position)   

  • Responsible for operations of elected sport
  • Lead board member in obtaining exposure through community events that also provide profit to GDASA
  • Planning, scheduling, and participating in fundraising opportunities for all sports and overall organization
  • Provide the board with updates, schedules, and event details on a timely and frequent basis
  • Enforce rules and decisions made for the specific sport
  • Assist the board in maintaining all needed supplies
  • Assist the board in finding and maintaining adequate location for sport
  • Assist with member issues when needed
  • Create schedules, brackets, and setup of locations
  • Maintain mission and vision statement through appropriate events and outreach
  • Coordinate effort with board and sports for effective scheduling and availability of funds for growth and sustainability.
  • Be required to attend all Governing Board meetings that are sport-specific
  • Assist the Board in those duties specified as necessary for the proper and efficient conduct of the league
  • This is a non‐governing board voting position. Voting right is sport-specific only.  


Duties of the Open Members (Sport Specific Position)  

  • Coordinate and direct the activities of league teams under the supervision of the Board
  • Respond in a timely manner to Team Managers and players in their division and to board inquiries
  • Observe games as necessary in order to assure proper player ratings as required by the GDASA League Code
  • Assist the Board in those duties he/she specifies as necessary for the proper and efficient conduct of the league.
  • Be required to attend all Governing Board meetings.
  • This is a non‐governing board voting position. Voting right is sport-specific only.